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What Mariah is doing to teach others about generational wealth and help them protect their legacies, was just so inspiring to me. From the moment after our strategy session, I kept picturing the image with VP Kamala Harris. Swipe to see which one I’m talking about.


I just kept thinking, what we do now, effects generations to come. So, from that, her brand mark was born.




The two L’s represent literally past and present generation (See photo of Kamala) and the S, sitting on top represents the past “passing the mantle” to the new generation.


Ya’ll this was deep for me..and example of how I truly LOVE to bring vision to life and how God just continues to align me with the people I am SUPPOSED to be serving.


Mariah has just inspired me SO much to truly learn about generational wealth and what it means to leave a legacy. I am so excited for her and her firm to truly step into greatness.

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