Kaye + Co is a digital and print design agency committed to creating lasting beautiful brands for small to midsize businesses. We specialize in designing new brands for entrepreneurs or reinventing and giving new life to existing brands. 


We thrive to see your style and vision come to life in order to reach your target market with true authenticity and effectiveness.


Kaye + Co is about creating beautiful brands with the right colors, fonts, themes and imagery that tell your brand story and produce lasting fruitful results that you can be proud of. 


Your brand matters to us and is more than just a great idea in your head. It deserves to be put in the best light possible in order to do its intended purpose — SHINE! 


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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

-Leonardo da Vinci

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About Krystal Kaye Portorreal


Krystal’s love for building websites first began with a side project for an e-boutique. She was active duty Air Force at the time, and spent endless nights after her “day job” working on a beautiful online boutique. That small project opened her eyes to a new world of possibilities and awakened her to her new found passion of making beautiful things come to life online.


After completing her MBA in 2014, and working for others for a while, Krystal decided to go full-time with her long-time passion of working for herself in a career she only dreamt of before…website and graphic design. She invested in her craft by attending night school while working during the day to start her own business.


When her graphic design school was complete, she set out to start what is now Kaye + Co. That was 6 years ago, and she has loved every minute of it! She has worked with clients all over the US to include Malorie Avaline, Oklahoma’s renowned hair and bridal makeup specialist, philanthropist and speaker, and Dr. Pinkey Patel, a pharmacist and CEO & Creator of a wildly successful company, The SnapBack, just to name a few of the thriving brands she’s worked with.


Creating lovely brands for creative entrepreneurs has been Krystal Kaye’s passion. She knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up and understands the importance of good branding and web design. Krystal is all about helping brands find their voice and display their authenticity in order to flourish and shine!


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a few of my favorite things!

my loves


I’m a true believer that a person's personal style inevitably shines through in their branding. Your style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it and what you want others to perceive about you. My style is mostly casual, but very girly (give me all the pink). You can find me in a pair of my favorite high-waisted jeans, a ruffle top, and super comfy flats on most dinner dates.


Design is the profession I chose, because I truly love a beautiful design. I can spend the day looking at lovely logos and beautiful fonts on Pinterest! My absolute favorite type of design is one that has a mixture of feminine and bold through both type face and color. So, black with a splash of color, or a bold sans serif font with a nice script font to boot. Finding fun and interesting ways to use these design elements is truly fun for me!


I grew up with a family that celebrated all of the big holidays around the dinner table. It was a time to gather, and food was a way that we really bonded. When I married a Dominican man, that tradition continued! My hubby and I love being in the kitchen and making a nice Sunday dinner even with just the two of us. It's so fun to combine our two cultures together in the kitchen!