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Your story, Your brand

Get the blueprint to building a 

profitable brand through 

life lessons!

“God calls the completely unqualified

to share their story & change lives”

Krystal KP.

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Helping others turn dreams to reality is a labor of love for Krystal Kaye, professional brand coach, designer and entrepreneur. As CEO of Kaye + Co Creative Designs, she works with multi-talented women to create impactful brands that captivate audiences and generate next-level income. A highly relatable “brand guru” who inspires with knowledge, experience and humor, Krystal has worked with hundreds of clients since launching her business in 2014.  Her passion for sharing the finer points of marketing and design comes matched only by her desire to see other women go after what they desire most out of life. 


When she’s not helping women build powerful brands, Krystal loves spending time with her husband Lavob and their pup, Charlie, in a quiet cabin in the woods. 


The smell I had come to remember the most about my father, wasn’t cologne, it was alcohol.

-Excerpt from Your Story, Your Brand

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Your story, Your brand

After running from God and landing in a strip club on the South Side of Oklahoma City, Krystal thought all of her troubles were over when she went into the Air Force to fly around the world with our nation’s leaders. Having experienced this success, she had no idea the pain that had taken root in her childhood would resurface when she separated from the military. 


Your Story, Your Brand is a compilation of experiences, lessons learned, and finally the blueprint that changed Krystal’s life and business forever. It is a representation of how God can use the completely unqualified to change the lives of others. You will see her go from abusing alcohol and attempting suicide, to running a multiple six-figure company that helps other women build their brands with complete clarity and confidence. This book is the paradigm-shifting breakthrough you have been waiting for. Krystal will introduce you to the Confident Brand System™, and give you the blueprint to change your life now! So grab your pen and paper and get ready for this powerful journey and life changing breakthrough. This is your sign.

Your Story

Your brand!


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